women fellowship

Good Women’s Fellowship – COGI. In this ministry it is paramount that the women in COGI find their place in the house of God in other to play their part in what goes on in the home, at church and the community. GWF ministry is here to help all women to become better wives, mothers, sister and daughters of the most high God.

It is important that COGI women know their worth and that they are empowered to do the work that God has entrusted in their hands in order to impact the community and nations. The GWF act as a Supportive system for all women in COGI and creates a warm welcome environment where they feel free to come and fellowship with other women in COGI and outside the COGI.

“Many daughters of the most high God have done well, but you excel them all ” Proverbs 31:29 and 31:16.