Love Your Wife

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Rommel came from a poor family but he and his brother were able to grow a business from the bottom up.  That when his real problem began.  With wealth, new doors opened up to Rommel and he found out that he could do anything he wanted for the right price.  Rich and young, his hedonism took him from one pleasurable pursuit after another, until he found himself addicted to methamphetamine.

He was able to hide it from everyone including his fiancé whom he married.

Hiding his addiction was easy at first and he would always use his work as an excuse for the long periods of time he spent away from his wife and kids.  However, the economy spiraled and his business was severely affected.  Factor in the fact that two of his drug suppliers were caught and sent to prison.

Because of this he was forced to stay at home most of the time.  He became irritable and became physically abusive to his wife whenever she did not do what he wanted her to do.  He beat her often and threatened to kill her and their children if she ever thought of leaving him.

One day, he chanced upon a childhood friend ha had not seen since high school.  He tried to borrow money and his friend said:

“Okay.  No problem.  Just come with me to my church and I’ll give you the money after the service.”

That afternoon his life was changed.

After hearing the gospel presented, he repented of his sins and surrendered his life to Christ.

He came home with a Bible in hand, eager to share his faith to his family. His wife was not impressed when he shared the news.  She thought it was all just an act and that given a few days, he would revert back to his old obnoxious self.

He knew what to do.

He called up his family and friends and confessed to them about his drug addiction, his physical abuse of his wife, his lies, everything, and asked them for their help.

Some old friends took him in and helped him recover.  A few months passed and he was back at home overjoyed by the fact that his faith in his Savior helped him overcome his drug problem in record time.

His wife however, was still skeptical.  After all, he had been lying to her for years and this could just be one of the best lies he is trying to pull off.

But he read the Bible and, by God’s grace, knew that he could not win his wife by simply reciting one verse after another.  So he stayed at home and did his best to help out his wife with everything.

He washed the dishes, did the laundry, took the kids to school and helped out with the groceries.  These were things he did not normally do so his wife thought he would tire eventually.  She just ignored him day in and day out.

But after more than a year of showing how he loved her and their kids, her heart finally softened.

One day while Rommel was on his knees cleaning the hubcap of their car, she approached him with another towel in hand and helped him.  He was surprised and stopped what he was doing and stared at her.

With tears in her eyes she finally said:

“I believe you… and I love you too!”

“Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” (Eph 5:25)